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Here's the list of personnel in charge of each work group. Pungkang Inc. will make every effort to provide our customers with responsible and reliable information by appointing personnel in charge of each work group
Human resources and general affairs +82-31-359-3641 Manager Choi, Seonghun kangta@pungkang.com
Materials purchase +82-31-359-3636 General Manager Cho, Younggi ykcho@pungkang.com
Sales and marketing +82-31-359-3669 Managing Director Kim, Moonsu mskim@pungkang.com
(OEM, Vendor) +82-31-359-3602 General Manager Kim, Yongnam hahaview@pungkang.com
(Market sales, agency) +82-31-359-3669 General Manager An, Seyoung ansy@pungkang.com
Overseas Sales and marketing +82-31-359-3603 General Manager Kim, Nick (Sung-Min) nickkim@pungkang.com
R&D center +82-31-359-3611 Managing Director Lee, Kwanghee kwangheelee@pungkang.com
+82-31-359-3671 Manager Cho, byungGi cho-b-g@pungkang.com
Production management +82-31-359-3667 Manager kim, KyungMan kkm0917@pungkang.com
Quality management +82-31-359-3656 Head of a department Yoon, Hongjun nbsori@pungkang.com